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Michael Bridgewater, Ph.D.
Swen Helge, PhD (1975-2010)
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Dr. Bridgewater served as Clinical Psychologist in the United States Army Reserve for 25 years; completed DARS/DDS evaluations for 25 years; worked as a Supervising School Psychologist for 22 years; and taught full- and part-time at 6 colleges and universities.  He worked part-time as a Psychologist with the Fort Worth Psychological Center from 1990 to 2004.  He returned to that part-time position in March 2014.

He likes helping individuals in the D/FW area in innovative ways that improve their meaningful self-worth and/or spiritual functioning.  Dr. Bridgewater especially likes working for individuals who are presently situationally depressed, suffering from military or other PTSD experiences, or experiencing severe communication problems in marriage.  He also takes referrals for police pre-employment screenings, substance abuse, and LGBT issues.

Current insurances are Medicaid/Medicare, Cigna, Aetna, and some others.

He can be contacted via direct message at 817-875-0770 or mjohnbridgewater@gmail.com.