Sheree Gallagher, Psy.D.
Michael Bridgewater, Ph.D.
Swen Helge, PhD (1975-2010)
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Dr. Gallagher is a clinical psychologist engaged in clinical and forensic psychology.  She has been licensed to practice psychology since 1996.

The focus of her clinical work has been responding to the mental health needs of the local community in innovative and responsive ways.  Her practice serves culturally diverse populations with a variety of therapeutic, evaluative, and assessment programs, including therapy with individuals, couples, and families dealing with depression, anxiety, marital, parenting, and other psychological issues; and evaluations for general psychological functioning, autism-spectrum disorder, ADHD, and university academic accommodation.

Forensic work includes referrals from local attorneys regarding criminal risk assessment, substance abuse, sex offender risk assessment and pre-adjudication treatment, and federal immigration cases.  She evaluates court-ordered competency to stand trial and insanity issues.  She performs psychological screenings for law enforcement and personal protection officer candidates.